Most popular Halloween candy

Most popular Halloween candy
Here are the Five Fave Halloween Candy we hope will be in our bags this year:

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups - How can you not love these? Peanut butter and chocolate!

Snickers and Milky Way - Snickers has nuts, Milky Way don't! The perfect yin and yang of chocolate candy bars.

Candy Corn - I am obsessed with this stuff. If we get a bag in the house, I can't stop eating them.

Nerds - I used to mix the strawberry and grape ones together and then just eat handfuls at a time. Quite a sugar high for the kids. Maybe parents, should save these for themselves so you can keep up during trick or treating.

M&M's - In addition to the peanut, plain and peanut butter flavors, they are offering white chocolate candy corn and pumpkin spice flavors this year.

I know I left out a few! Honorable mentions go out to Tootsie Roll pops, Skittles, Starburst and Sweet Tarts!

What is your favorite Halloween candy?
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