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If the latest rumor is true, Apple, a new iPod Touch will arrive in September. All good things are, in fact. But like most rumors, the report of the United Kingdom is vague. UK retailer John Henry says iPhone we can expect from a four-camera inspired by a front camera, video chat, and a top. Why not fill in the blanks with a personal wish list for the next generation of the iPod Touch? Here are some features I like, want to see:

1) The video with non-Apple users to chat. Let’s face it; if your cat is confined FaceTime Apple faithful – as is the case today – it’s never about the status of novelty. Steve Jobs, has promised an open industry standard FaceTime but this development could last forever (or more), that standards bodies and technology players such as Google and Microsoft to think on their opportunities. And, unfortunately, supports Skype for the iPhone, which runs on the iPod touch not video calls.

2) A very good camera. The new iPod touch also includes a 5 megapixel camera with flash from the front, according to John Henry. This is very similar to the iPhone back four in front of the camera (5 MP, the LED on the sensor, 720p HD video at 30 frames per second). If true, this is good news. More likely, however, that the contact with a VGA (640 x 480 pixels) as the iPhone created than 4 seconds before the cam. Another question: Is the iPod Touch can store videos and photos or videos as the iPod Nano?

3) Faster Wi-Fi: Today's iPod Touch supports 802.11b/g wireless, but not the newer 802.11n spec. According to Samsung, 802.11n Wi-Fi throughput on mobile devices could reach up to 35M bps (bits per second). The iPhone 4 supports 802.11n, as do a growing number of laptops and smartphones. It's the Touch's turn.

4) Longer battery life: Apple managed to squeeze a larger battery into the iPhone 4, an upgrade that could mean up to 10 hours of Internet use on a Wi-Fi network. The power-hungry iPod touch could use the extra staying power as well.

5) 3G option with iPad-style data plan: I know, I know--this isn't going to happen. A 3G-enabled iPod Touch would encroach too far into iPhone 4 territory. Still, a 3G Touch with an AT&T data plan--200MB for $15/month, or 2GB for $25/month--is high on my wish list. Perhaps when pigs fly.

6) Retina display: Apple, bring the iPhone 4's glorious 960-by-640-pixel screen to the iPod Touch. Assuming the Touch adds FaceTime, as well as gyroscope for more advanced gaming, Apple's critically-lauded "retina display" would be a nice match.

7) Built-in microphone: If the iPod Touch adds a video camera, an integrated mic would be essential. Currently, the earphones that ship with the 32GB and 64GB models have a mic and a remote. If the Touch adds a video cam, an earphone-based mic won't cut it. 

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