Lara Stone: Lady Gaga not sexy

The world's number one fashion model Lara Stone knows a thing or two about what makes someone attractive and she has spoken: Lady Gaga is not sexy, but Nigella Lawson is "the most gorgeous thing ever". The Dutch-born model, who is renowned as much for her directness in interviews as her trademark gap-teeth, has told Stylist magazine that, to her, US singer Gaga is not even sexy when she is "walking around in her bra and knickers".

Asked about what qualities she considers beautiful, Stone, who is married to comedian David Walliams, said: "For me, it has so much to do with people's personality and the way they just are. You can have the most beautiful face but if you're a real bitch, it takes away so much from your beauty."

As for being sexy, Stone - the current face of Calvin Klein's Naked Glamour underwear campaign - argues that it is "something inside". Not everybody has it, she said, before singling out Lady Gaga as someone who is perhaps overly confident. "Lady Gaga, for example, walking around in her bra and knickers and being really sexy but still she's just not sexy at all, to me."

Meanwhile the 27-year-old supermodel claims to be "obsessed" with TV cook Nigella Lawson. "I think she is just the most gorgeous thing ever," she told Stylist. "Her skin practically makes me drool."

Stone, who has been the world's top-ranking female fashion model on the international modelling site since February, added that she would "love to be just like [Nigella]".

And it seems that while Stone has a reputation for appearing in risque fashion shoots, when she is off-duty, she prefers the life of a domestic goddess. Stone reveals that, like her idol Lawson, she has a thing for "nice comfort foods like shepherd's pie or bangers and mash". Meanwhile, next to the bed she shares with Walliams, she has "a big jar of liquorice" - perfect for saucy midnight snacks a la Nigella.

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