Wisconsin election results: Supreme Court results still undecided

Three Wisconsin counties have yet to complete their official tallies from last week’s State Supreme Court election. And if their results don’t change, Justice David Prosser will have defeated challenger JoAnne Kloppenburg by just over 73-hundred votes. State officials say Milwaukee County’s canvass won’t be done until tomorrow at the earliest, and Crawford and Sauk counties are still working on theirs. The Election Night margin was just 204 votes when Waukesha County uncovered a big error in its canvass last week.
County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus said she forgot to include 14-thousand votes from Brookfield in her Election Night tally – and 10-thousand of them were for Prosser. Kloppenburg’s camp has not said if it will ask for a statewide recount. The state would pick up the million-dollar cost – but only if the margin is within one-half of one-percent, and it’s close. Both campaigns are raising money for a recount.

Meanwhile, Waukesha County Democrats issued a statement yesterday raising new concerns about their canvass. They quoted Ramona Kitzinger, the Democrats’ representative on the canvassing board, as saying she didn’t know about the 14-thousand uncounted ballots until the clerk was about to hold a news conference about it. And then Nickolaus told Kitzinger not to talk to the reporters. But she was asked a question, and she said all the numbers added up. The Democrats statement, though, said Kitzinger never saw any proof of that. Neither she nor the party has commented further. The liberal group One Wisconsin Now has asked the state attorney general and the Milwaukee County D-A to investigate.

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