A New Solar Plan

Coal and gas power plants are slowly killing our ecosystem, that's nothing new. We have the technological advances to overcome this fate. Why aren't we using them? Why are so many people against this idea of clean energy? It is true that many more people are on board now than say 30 years or even 10 years ago. But we still don't have enough on our side.

So I've come up with an idea, it may solve a few issues people have about solar power. It was suggested that we put huge solar panels in the UNUSED spaces of the dessert. I initially thought this within itself was great idea. But many people have a problem with this and once I thought about it, I realized they make a good point. They say these huge panels would disrupt the dessert wildlife, and endanger habitat. While I both agree and disagree, I see their cause for worry. As a world we only think about the here and now, we never seem to take the time to think about tomorrow. I personally think if we could modify solar panels to on top of homes we could certainly modify them to co-exist with the wildlife. They would only take up space if the job is done right and most dessert dwellers live underground or under rocks, these panels would actually become more like shelter.

But since we must listen to everyone's ideas and weigh the options, I've come up with a new plan. I thought we could take old retired ships, boats, and barges and place solar panels on them. Once we make our little floating power house, we could anchor it off shore a hundred or so miles and simply run our cables. Some of you ask well the cables would interfere with ocean life, would they not? Well they have proposed place wind turbines off shore in Maine, so obviously the running of cables, when done correctly can be done safely as well. I would assume a simple casing would do the trick. I suggested the boat idea for a few reasons, people don't want to see huge turbines off shore, people don't want to harm wildlife, and you would in essence be recycling a boat that would probably end up in a pile somewhere. We all know when we sink boats they become reefs eventually, so you would also we creating habitat not destroying one.

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