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A new TV serial is here to entertain you and its name is The Glades TV Show. The Glades TV Show is a drama of cops. It is a mixture of thrill and suspense. The shooting of this very serial was started in Apr and was 1st aired out on this Sun, only on A&E. The Glades TV Show is made and produce by the far-famed Clifton Campbell. Clifton Campbell is well recognized for his unique work. He produce marvelous drama serial and this very drama is one of them. His last famous serials were White Collar, 21 Jump Street and Profiler and many more.

Here is a summary of The Glades TV Show. The Glades TV Show’s major star is Jim Longworth. Who is an attractive, superb and good police detective from Chicago. Later he was charged of spending a night and doing some sex activity with his senior’s wife. Then he tries to prove himself innocent through out the serial. You are able to watch it online on  several websites or you can as well watch it on your TV screens. It is aired out on Sun at about 10:00 p.m. Yesterday; they broadcasted its pilot episode. You can watch this The Glades TV Show, every Sun only on Dish Network.

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