It's National Hug Day 2016

It's National Hugging Day! The perfect day in case you or a close friend need some love. And did you know hugs are a powerful healing therapy?

January 21st is apparently National Hug Day. I’m not sure who decided or anointed this as the day to celebrate but here it is.

They are a natural stress reliever and can instantly boost oxytocin levels, which heal feelings of sadness, anguish and anger. Hugs also strengthen the immune system, by creating an emotional charge that regulates and balances the production of white blood cells.

A 20 second hug can even lower the risk for heart disease and infections.

Researchers say the average person spends about one hour a month hugging - that comes out to about 360 hugs a month.

Thought I would share a list of the top five types of hugs we experience in our lives:

1. The bro hug – These involve a complex set of actions which usually start off with a weird handshake or fist bump. Guys are especially good at these.

2. The pat – This is the hug people use when they truly can’t be bothered to give a full-on hug. People usually use this hug when in a rush, hungover or not really wanting to touch this individual.

3. The awkward hug – This type of hug, which is usually one that happens by surprise, can sometimes end up with a misplaced kiss as well.

4. The bear hug – This is one that Winnipeggers are definitely used to. It’s a hug usually given in the cooler months.

5. The pet hug – Pretty self explanatory really. It’s the hug you give when you’ve had a particularly stressful day and need to unload on your furry friend. It’s definitely enjoyed more by you than your pet.

Be sure to hug a loved one Thursday!
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